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Note: **With COVID19 Restrictions, all the classes are now online**
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No prior experience necessary and lessons may begin at any time! It is
never too late to pick up an instrument and start learning.

The most traditional and effective way to study a musical instrument is through classroom learning. Classroom learning give students the opportunity to enjoy one-on-one instruction as well as learning from peers. You will enjoy learning in our professional yet friendly environment! We can start with you from the beginning or build on what you have already learned.

We offer musical instruction for guitar, piano & keyboard. We construct lesson plans to fit your learning style and to help you meet YOUR musical goals. Lessons meet once a week for 45 minutes session. Click here to view the guitar lesson plan and other details.



Tuition & policies

Per per class or for a 3 months term

For every 45 min session you pay $40. Contact us for special pricing for a 3 months term

Call 0404 525 870 for scheduling availability

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